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Beautiful Decay

a group show of Polaroid Photography at Positive Negative Gallery in Vancouver.

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"Beautiful Decay" sharpens its gaze on disorder and desolation, where memories are forgotten and left behind, and the laws of entropy take hold: the cracks and blood and decay of modern life. Everything grows older, yet is beautiful in its release.

"Beautiful Decay" has artist works from Germany, Sweden, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, and all across the United States and Canada. There won't be another place to see these one-of-a-kind pictures on any continent.

The show opened on Thursday, May 16, and will runs until June 1. The gallery is open Wednesday–Saturday 1–4 PM.

A few pictures from the show and my personal contribution, ‘permanence’
(Shot with Polaroid ProCam and close-up lens on Impossible PZ600 Silver shade Blank Frame film and featuring a brass nail)





Positive Negative is a neat gallery run by Adam Lupton (you can see him in one of the pictures above), you can see what they are about and some upcoming shows here