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Brass Tack Tact

A solo exhibition of all new work at Xchanges Gallery at their new government street location in Victoria.
The new works reflect a different direction, into more physical, object-like forms for my paintings. The themes are rather introspective, of both the practice of painting itself, as well as a recent 5 week trip through Europe in which I was able to take in the 2009 Venice Biennale and Art Basel. The trip not only inspired the work, but affected a reassessment of my own art practice.

2009.06 brass tack tact installation

I met Efren Quiroz of
Exhibit-v as a result of this show. He is amazingly dedicated to documenting the arts community in Victoria, one exhibition at a time, keep your eyes out for a man with a camcorder the next time you drop into an art show in Victoria: