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Putting Holes in Things

The Ministry of Casual Living is being evicted from their long-time home on Haultain. Sad news, but they are making the most of it, for every day until they shut down they are hosting a 24-hour show for a different artist. This is no small task, for artists and the organizer(s).
I decided to make a one-off new piece for the show, the Ministry has been a brilliant spot for a number of artists, including myself, and in the spirit of the eviction event, making the most of it seemed appropriate. The main work is called ‘Look at my Backside’, featuring a suspended, double-sided hardboard painting with a peephole through the middle which allows you to see the back of the painting, it is accompanied by three smaller paintings titled ‘Pinups’.



A nice surprise on the night of the event, Efren Quiroz of
Exhibit-v showed up with his camcorder and did his thing: